12 Dogs Of Christmas: Day 4

On The Fourth Day We Met…




20182125_278x417The staff of Paws 4 You spent weeks trying to catch fearful Fugi at an empty parking lot after they first found him! At first, everything was new to him, but he has turned into an amazing companion. He is great with other dogs, very playful, and does not take anything too seriously. Energetic, athletic, and agile, he can jump incredibly high. He would probably be amazing at agility or catching frisbee with a little training. He loves starting every morning running next to a bike and spends the rest of the day alternating between naps, chewing on Nylabones, and wrestling with dogs :). Fugi is hoping to find a cool forever home with an active lifestyle.  Just look at how he bounces around on the beach!

Want to give Fugi a gift for Christmas? Get a Box now to #PawItForward!


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