5 Fantastic Beach Toys Your Dog Will Adore This Summer!

Summer will soon be upon us, which means we’re just a few tennis ball throws away from beach season!

When prepping your pooch for the beach, there are a number of safety considerations to keep in mind, including doggy sunscreen and stocking up on dog-friendly water bottles and portable bowls. In addition to all that, you’ll want to make sure you have some top-notch beach games for your top dog!

Today we’re highlighting five great beach toys that are just the thing for sandy canines everywhere!

Nerf Rubber Football Dog Toy


There aren’t many toys that are more nostalgic than Nerf – tons of owners have fond memories of tossing Nerf balls all over the neighborhood. Now you can share those good times with your dog!

The Nerf Dog Football toy is made of durable, water-resistant rubber with an internal squeaker to further capture your dog’s attention. Toss this football as far as you can and watch your pooch scramble across the sand to grab it!

Chuckit! Zipflight Frisbee


This soft throwing disk is sure to have your pooch running all across the beach! The Chuckit Zipflight is designed to be water-friendly, and will float on top of ocean waves so your pup can always find it.

Even if your dog isn’t a big fan of water, the Chuckit Zipflight travels great through air as well, so it’s a sure winner for any pooch.

This dog Frisbee toy can be thrown far enough to get some decent distance, but offers a soft yet durable design that makes it easy on your dog’s mouth.

Ball Launcher


If your dog is a real fetch fan, he probably won’t take no for an answer, even when you’d rather not get your hand covered in a tennis ball concoction of slobber and sand.

That’s where ball launchers come in – these tools can be used to pick up and throw most traditionally sized balls without getting your hand covered in sand over and over again.

It’s also a great tool for elderly and senior dog owners, owners with disabilities, or owners who can’t otherwise bend over to pick up a ball.

Foxtail Fetch Toy


Foxtails are a unique kind of ball with a long ribbon attached that can be swung around, creating a stronger launch for your ball.

If you have a bit of a weak arm or aren’t a great thrower, the Foxtail is a huge help in tossing a ball your dog can really run after!

Foxtails are especially handy for kids who want to play with Fido but can’t toss a ball more than a few yards.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ball


For those beach bums who want to spend the entire day at the beach, it’s hard to beat a glow in the dark ball when it comes to nighttime fun with your pup!

With the help of a flashlight (or your phone’s flashlight feature), you can charge up this ball and launch it across a darkening beach for your canine to grab. Just remember your dog nighttime safety rules and make sure not to throw it into the water, as you certainly wouldn’t want your dog swimming into the sea at night when you can’t see him.

What are your favorite canine beach toys? Let us know what your top picks are!

About the Author: This article was written by Meg Marrs, Founder and Senior Editor at K9 of Mine, a dog care site dedicated to providing owners with the tools and resources they need to care for their canine companions!

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