About Us

We are dog lovers plain and simple.

We are the pet safety, travel and nutrition experts. Pooch Perks Post was founded by the team at PoochPerks.com to provide our fellow dog lovers useful information and tips about dog safety, travel, and nutrition. We are committed to posting bi-weekly blogs providing the most up-to-date information about how to pamper your pooch in a fun, safe, and healthy way. We’ll feature products we’ve tested from companies we know. We promote creating informed dog owners who make responsible choices when pampering their pooch.

“Informed dog owners make the best pet parents. We love educated owners who love to pamper their pooch.”

Tina & Debbie, Founders, Pooch Perks, Inc.

Pooch Perks was founded by two busy, working professional women who have always dreamed of working with dogs (although one of us is a little camera shy!). We are dog moms who love to spoil our four legged children. In fact we are kind of obsessed with them. Combining both of those passions, we created Pooch Perks to provide carefully curated good-for-pooch treats and toys with four pooch pamper packages so you can spoil your four legged children without sacrificing convenience.

We focus on treats that are predominately organic, grain free, and with no added preservatives, fillers, or artificial colors and all pooch toys are held to the same rigorous standard as children’s toys. By subscribing to Pooch Perks, each month you receive a hand-packaged box that contains a unique collection of responsibly sourced products based on the highest quality standards. Different toys and treats are shipped every month so you and your pooch will be surprised with every Perks box. Shipping is always included in our subscription package pricing.

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