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Aurora’s Carnival Xtreme Pooch Pack Picks

Toy Pick

Aurora is a girly pup who loves playful colors. Spunky Pup’s Fetch and Glow ball comes in a bright spectrum and is durable and non-toxic so you know it is safe for your pooch. It has versatility as it floats and can be taken on aquatic adventures. Its ability to glow in the dark, Aurora’s favorite feature, means that the fun doesn’t stop at sun down.

Treat Pick

Aurora couldn’t get her PAWS off Pawsitively Gourmet‘s Sweet Potato Doggie Snacks. Positively Gourmet was founded  in December 2001, by two hoomans who combined their love for baking and dogs to create beautiful, tasty dog treats. They are based in Colorado and use USA grown, all natural, ingredients. The packaging looks like a tote bag that allows for easy carrying when on the run with your pooch.

This month Aurora’s mom is happy to show you guys Scrubby Pet No Rinse Bath Mittens. They are a great innovation that makes bath time easier for you AND your pooch. Making your dog stay still long enough to wet him, lather shampoo, scrub, rinse, and then dry him, is a monthly struggle. Just the two words “bath time” cause Aurora to run in the opposite direction. Scrubby is a great solution. These mittens require a small amount of water and a towel. It’s a quick bathing solution that requires 3 easy steps. 1. wet mitten, 2. scrub pup, 3. towel dry. Additionally, it can be used as frequently as needed (as it is made with natural and ph balance ingredients.) Because all you need is the mittens, a cup of water, and a towel, it’s also fantastic for vacation, trips, camping, and on the go. For a quick demonstration, check out this vid!

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