Canine Coast Guard: On and Off Duty

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Meet Evy and Ricky: loyal and brave dogs of the U.S. Coast Guard who’s story recently went viral after they completed their helicopter efficiency training in April.  Coast Guard K-9 teams routinely conduct training and efficiency tests with military, federal, and local partners to ensure that their canines can proficiently perform their tasks on partner’s aircrafts. According to the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team, the dogs were required to jump on board of a helicopter, and perform a variety of hoists on the aircraft including safe deployment.

8d59cb61-0d16-4bd2,-abbc-bf31171825b3(photo: US Coast Guard)

And look at their gear! The canine coast guards wear special protection for their eyes and ears, to keep them safe from rotor wash, sea spray, debris and engine noise.


The success of Evy and Ricky is a result of monthly practice sessions with U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Safety and Security Team in San Francisco and is a great achievement for both dogs. These “canine Coasties” have been with the Coast Guard since 2008 and are explosives detector dogs.  Now they overcame another challenge.


Thank you Ricky and Evy for protecting US waterways!

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