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Why Dog Owners Live Longer & Healthier Lives

As any animal lover knows, the unconditional love we get from our four-legged friends is beyond compare. They also help us to live longer, happier and much healthier lives. Perhaps one of the most obvious health benefits comes from walking and exercising our beloved canines, which also reduces health risks for them as well. A
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Canine Coast Guard: On and Off Duty

Meet Evy and Ricky: loyal and brave dogs of the U.S. Coast Guard who’s story recently went viral after they completed their helicopter efficiency training in April. ¬†Coast Guard K-9 teams routinely conduct training and efficiency tests with military, federal, and local partners to ensure that their canines can proficiently perform their tasks on partner’s
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Pooch Perks

Excessive Barking: Causes and Solutions

Does your pet bark a lot? To figure out the solution to this, you need to identify the cause. In this article, Jordan Walker, Coops and Cages content curator, imparts his knowledge about the causes and solutions for excessive barking. Dogs bark for many reasons. It can be caused by fear, anxiety, or boredom. Most
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