Excessive Barking: Causes and Solutions

Does your pet bark a lot? To figure out the solution to this, you need to identify the cause.

In this article, Jordan Walker, Coops and Cages content curator, imparts his knowledge about the causes and solutions for excessive barking.

Dogs bark for many reasons. It can be caused by fear, anxiety, or boredom. Most family dogs bark as a form of greeting. Sometimes, it is considered as an attention-seeking behavior.

Well, it’s normal for dogs to bark. However, when he does it too often that your neighbors and even you complain about it, that’s the time you need to do something about it. Excessive barking can be a result of separation anxiety. When busy pet owners leave their pets at home without anything to do or something to play with, problems about barking may develop. Aside from that, it may also be caused by leaving a dog outside without shelter, causing him to be exposed to many different environmental elements.

Excessive barking may also be caused by improper confinement. Dogs that are locked inside a room, or a dog crate for too long can result in the development of such behavior from pent up frustration.

Training: Teach Him to be Quiet

Pooch Perks2One of the most helpful ways to control excessive barking is to train your dog to be familiar with and to understand the word “quiet”. Always remember that shouting at him will seem like an encouragement. Why? This is because he might interpret this incorrectly. He would assume that you’re joining him in making noise.

As a solution, say the word “quiet” in a firm voice when your dog starts barking. Look him in the eye, and wait calmly until he stops barking. When he does, shower him with praise, and give him a delicious treat. Repeat this until he fully understands the word quiet.

Leash correction and the use of verbal reprimand, such as “no” or “stop” can also be very helpful.

Give Him Time for Socialization

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Since anxiety and frustration can cause problems with barking, it helps to allow your dog to socialize with other people, and other dogs. Dogs that are kept inside for a long period of time may bark excessively at the sight of things that are new to them, or even at strangers.

Small trips to the local park daily can be of great help. Increasing his time for exercise or giving him some fun things to do also provides him more chances of channeling his energy positively, and lessen anxiety. The next time you plan to de-stress, you can take your pet with you. You can go on a fun road trip, or a hike.

Provide Him Comfortable Space

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Providing your dog enough space, and a comfortable place for himself can help when the barking problem is caused by his territorial attitude. Staying in a relaxing environment and a comfortable space can help lessen anxiety and promote adequate rest. Dogs who get enough rest within their home or timber dog kennels are less likely to be apprehensive or restless. While you’re at it, you can also provide them with toys to ease boredom.

There are many different environmental factors that cause dogs to bark. The home you both live in, as well as the entire neighborhood, can greatly affect your dog’s behavior. Thus, it really helps to identify the specific type of stimuli that causes your dog to make excessive noises. If you can limit them, you may try. If not, you can also give him simple yet safe punishments for his misbehavior to stop his barking problem.

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Author: Jordan Walker

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Jordan is the lead content curator for
Coops and Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for ‘attempting’ to play the guitar. You can catch him on Google+ or Twitter: @CoopsAndCages

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