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Fifty Shades of Ruff Pooch Pack Picks

Gino and Chichi FebruaryHQ-01Does Your Dog Like it Ruff?  Gino & Chi Chi do!  

They’ve Chosen their Favs from the Fifty Shades of Ruff February Box. 

TREAT PICKChichi with Treat Pick2

Chi Chi’s treat pick is Down Dog Snacks’ AppleBerry
Zensations. These are made with applesauce and blueberries. This brand started as a dog parent’s interest in dogs, yoga, and health (Our Story.) All their treats are grain-free, gluten-free, plant-based, and all natural. The heart-shaped treats that are made with love.


Gino’s toy pick is Spunky Pup’s Squeaky Gem in a heart shape. This is no surprise as Gino is quite the heartbreaker. I always tell him to treat the heart like a gem, but he never listens! He’s gonna have a tough time with this one though as it is a very durable! Squeak toys are great because when you’re pooch starts to get bored, a squeak is all it takes to get him jumping and barking around.  This love-interest is here to stay. It also bounces, despite its unique shape. Feel free to take this heart out for a fun adventure because this toy even floats on water!

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