Fun D.I.Y. Pooch Halloween Costume Ideas

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Fun D.I.Y. Costume Ideas for Your Dog 

The past time of trick-or-treating and dressing up for Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Dog owners have jumped on the band wagon and dogs in costume on the trick-or-treating trail are becoming the norm.  While searching through the variety of creative, funny, and sometimes really scary costumes for your pooch, it is really easy to forget that your dog should feel comfortable and also have fun.

Most dogs love wearing just their birthday suit, however if you choose to dress them up avoid masks and other materials that can disturb your pet’s vision or hearing. The costume should be comfortable and not too tight on your pooch (you should be able to fit three fingers between your pet and the fabric, especially around the neck). Costumes that are too tight can restrict movement, breathing, and increase anxiety.

Also, do not leave the house without proper “equipment.”  You don’t want your dog to get lost in the crowd of ghosts or vampires, do you? Make sure that your pooch has his ID tag and is always on a leash.  Add reflective parts to the costume so you can see your pet in the dark. Following these basic rules will ensure you and your pooch enjoy a stress free Bow-Wow-Ween!

Want to create the costume yourself?  We got you covered there too! Check out some suggestions we found for DIY costumes for some inspiration.

Skeleton Dog

Blog 6dYou’ll need: a black hoodie and white fabric paint

If you have a small dog, just alter the hoodie jacket so that there are little legs. Wrap the bottom corners of each side of the jacket around your dog’s back legs to figure out the circumference and then make a few stitches toward the bottom of the leg. This will leave the bottom open for the dog to be able to do their “business.”  If you have a larger dog, pair the hooded jacket with a pair of black shorts (or cut-off leggings) that have leg bones painted or felted on them, making sure to cut out a large piece of the shorts’ crotch area to make room for the dog to have freedom in the lower body.  Use the white paint pet safe paint to paint on bones and your dog’s spooky costume is ready to go!


Harry Potter Dog Costume

Blog 6bYou’ll need: black craft piping and a small cape

Transform your pooch into a wizard and make them feel the magic of Hogwarts for one night! Whether you want him to be Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, he has to have a new tie, robe, and maybe even Harry’s glasses! Check out this adorable costume that does not restrict any of your dog’s movements and is really easy to make!  All you need is some black piping and a cape.


Blog 6

Play with Paint!

You’ll need: washable pet safe paint

If your dog is a solid black or white color, you can easily paint them into a tiger, zebra, or even a skunk! Just make sure to use the paint that is washable and safe for pets. Your imagination is your only limit.


Blog 6a

When your costume is ready, make sure to practice several times before the important day. Have your pooch wear the costume at home or on the backyard to get used to it. If you see that he acts unnatural and uncomfortable, you might be better off with a Halloween themed bandana. Or maybe it’s time to reconsider your own costume? Let them guess who-is-who!

Happy trick-or-treating! Don’t forget to share your Halloween pictures with us on social media at @poochperks!

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