Pampered Services for the Pampered Pooch

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Long gone are the days when your pooch stayed at home waiting by the door for you every day or sitting in a cold metal cage while you’re off on that amazing summer family vacation.  It seems like new high end solutions for the pampered pet are popping up all over the place these days and if you live in the South Florida area, we found just the pooch place for you! D.O.G. Hotels, also known as Daycare, Overnight & Grooming, is an amazing alternative to traditional pet boarding and a great solution for busy fur-parents who understand how much their pet needs daily socialization and exercise.  D.O.G. Hotels, with two locations open in North Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and 3 more under construction, provides a variety of pooch pampering services including doggie daycare, training, grooming and overnight stays.

Dog1While the idea of dog hotels is by no means new, D.O.G. has upped the ante offering services that look more like a 5-star hotel than a dog boarder.  Aside from friendly and knowledgeable staff, D.O.G. has a homey and fun atmosphere making your pup bark for more! The dogs in the daycare area spend most of the day in an indoors park facility where they play with their canine buddies and two legged friends (aka D.O.G. Hotel staff members) according to their size and age.


HotelGoing on vacation? D.O.G. has you covered. They make sure your pooch feels right at home during his stay.  Their overnight boarding area looks like a luxurious hotel where your dog gets their very own room!

Since their first location in November 2012, D.O.G. Hotels has not stopped improving ever since. With two locations in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale they also sold four franchises and are preparing for grand openings in Coral Gables, Aventura, and Pinecrest in the near future. Upcoming locations will have new and improved designs with added perks like an outdoors park for even more fun!

Loby2D.O.G. Hotels also provide awesome membership deals and packages that save you time and money.  We toured their facilities for this review and give the company FIVE PAWS UP.

Our Pooch Perks Fam is excited to start a partnership with D.O.G offering Pooch Perks boxes with all D.O.G membership packages.  Let the pampering begin!





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