Protect Your Pooch This Panting Hot Summer

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Pet Safety Tips for Outdoor Fun

After a long treacherous winter, we are tempted to spend every free moment outdoors enjoying the sun and warm weather.  And, let’s admit it,  it would not be nearly as fun unless our pooch came with us!  A long walk outside with your dog enjoying the sunny day may sound delightful, but our pets are more sensitive to temperature rises than we are and it is important to make sure our furry bundles of love are safe.  On this panting hot summer day, we prepared several tips that will help you and your pet beat the heat.

Exercise and Outdoor Playtime:  Adjust your exercise routine with your pet depending on the weather.  Choose cooler parts of the day to go for a run, like early morning or late at night, making the run much more comfortable. This is also the time of the year to lower the intensity of fitness activity and switch to water activities or in-house training to avoid direct sunlight. Let your dog set the pace and watch for signs of dehydration like excessive panting or tiredness.  If you see any of them – it’s time for a break!  Let your pooch cool down in the shade, give him/her some water and be creative. There are many ways to turn the pause into a fun game while avoiding the heat- you can play with sprinklers, set up a kiddie pool, or teach your dog how to swim. Your fun depends only on your imagination.


Road Trip!  Summer road trips are always fun, but if you are planning to take your pets with you, remember these two main tips: Always pack enough water and a spill-proof bowl so your four legged friend is hydrated and doesn’t get a heatstroke; and, never leave your pet in the car, even for a bit.  It has been proven that it takes only a few minutes for an animal to get heatstroke in a hot car and result in its death.  Leaving the car in shade or with open windows doesn’t help either, so avoid leaving your pets unattended.  We all love our pooches so don’t risk it!

Sun Protection?!  While we are always trying to protect our skin from direct sunlight, we forget that our pets can get sunburn too.  Does that come as a shocker?  It did to me.  Pooches with short hair cuts are especially susceptible.  Although dogs with white coats and pink noses are more susceptible to the sunlight than other dogs, any pet can become a victim of sunburn especially on their tummies, noses, and ears.  Human sunscreens have several harmful ingredients that may harm your dog especially as they try and lick anything you apply to their body.  Protect your furry kid from the sun by getting them a pet-safe sunscreen. recommends Aubrey Organic’s Sun Shade or Bebe Baudelaire’s Sunshield.  Petfection also has a sunscreen spray that is 100% all natural, organic and non-toxic.  Most importantly try to keep your pet inside during the hottest part of the day.

Beware of Bugs:  Cats and dogs get bitten by mosquitoes, flies, and other insects even more than we do.  Biting insects are not only bothersome, they transmit many diseases like West Nile Virus and heartworms. Mosquito repellents for humans can be toxic and dangerous to your pooch.  A great way to protect your pets from bug bites is Bio-Groom Repel Insect Control Spray from PetEdge.  It provides 35 day protection from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and all kinds of flies.


Paws Up!  Have you ever noticed how hot the asphalt gets during the summer day? It’s burning hot! While it is not that dangerous for us, our pet’s paws can be easily damaged.  Try out Paw Savers, disposable paw pads for dogs.  They can be used year round in all types of weather and are sold on Amazon, Groupon, PetFlow, PetSupermarket and BJ’s Wholesale.

A little bit of attention to detail and you and your pooch will spend a great and accident-free summer. We hope you found our tips useful, if there is anything important we didn’t mention, please share your tips with us!

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