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Rex’s New Year New You Pooch Pack Product Picks

It’s a New Year and a New You!

2016 has come to an end and Rex’s New Year’s Resolution is to have a healthy diet and stick to it!


Rex Kale Treat Small PicTREAT PICK 
His January Box treat pick is Dogs Love Kale‘s Tropical Delight: Coconut-Banana. With only four ingredients (that can be easily pronounced!) you can be sure your pooch gets 100% all natural ingredients! One of the main ingredients is kale (why kale?), which has benefits for dog’s digestion, bone health, hair, and skin! Rex loves the coconut banana flavor (a big Perk!)


Rex Ladybug Small PicTOY PICK
Rex’s toy pick from this month’s box is ZippyPaw‘s Squeakie Pad – Ladybug. When a ladybug lands on you, it is said to be good luck! The number of spots equal the months of good luck, so look forward to a lucky 2017 (Good Luck Symbols). The toy has TWO squeakers which is great for a young, and playful Rex.  It  also has ZERO stuffing, so Rex doesn’t have to worry about accidentally swallowing stuffing and Rex’s mom doesn’t have to worry about picking up the mess! With a new toy to his collection, Rex’s luck is turning for the better already. Mobile

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