Spring into Action With Fun Activities for Your Pooch

Looking for things to do with your pooch as winter thaws?

If you enjoy watching baseball games, take your pooch on a baseball date. Major League Baseball has a “Pups in the Park” option for dog owners! You buy a ticket for yourself and another for your pup and you sit in a designated dog friendly area. Click here for 2017 games with Pup in the Park tickets and tips for the day of the event. Profits from dog tickets go towards the Washington Humane Society!


Get your exercise on! Maybe your New Years Resolution was to participate in a 5k race. March is a good time to start on that running routine. Your pooch will enjoy the everyday practice and let him exert all that pent up energy compared to the walks he’s accustomed to. The training doesn’t have to go to waste as there are 5k races that allow you to bring your pup! Click here for a list of dog-friendly runs, their dates, and separated by State/Country.




Hiking or tails – I mean trails! Springtime weather is a great time to enjoy nature with man’s best friend. Look through your State Park’s websites and local trails to find out about dog friendly trails. Make sure to train with your pup to make sure you’re both physically prepared. Also, bring enough water and a water bowl for your pooch to drink from. Pay close attention to your dog throughout to make sure they are not overexerted. Be safe but have fun!






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