12 Dogs Of Christmas: Day 12!

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas We Met… Reba! Paws 4 You staff jokingly refer to Reba as a country girl at heart who loves country music. If she hears it on, she will try to sing along. Often off beat but it’s the most adorable thing! This dog loves to smell everything outside as this is an innate quality to her hound
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12 Dogs Of Christmas: Day 11

On The Eleventh Day of Christmas We Met… Roy! Meet Roy, a young Jack Russell terrier, who is little in size but big on personality! He is inquisitive and lively as well as affectionate, loving and friendly. Roy is also very smart and eager to please. This little fellow loves to play fetch and will jump high to catch
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12 Dogs Of Christmas: Day 10

On The Tenth Day of Christmas We Met… Sophia! Sophia is a super sweet 5 year old American Bulldog. She was rescued from Animal Services in a very bad condition: under weight with many skin issues. Since then, Paws 4 you staff has cleared up her skin  and are plumping her back up to beautiful and healthy.
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