December Newsletter: #PawItForward

Pooch Perks is proudly launching #PawItForward with its Buy One Give One campaign. We believe that every dog deserves a present this holiday regardless of whether they have a home or not. Starting on Black Friday and until December 23 with every box you order Pooch Perks will donate a box to a dog in
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Look Ma There’s Snow!

Unless you are one of the lucky ones living in a place where it is always summer (like the Pooch Perks Fam!), you have probably already started to notice the first signs of cold chill in the air. Whether you like winter or not, there is one thing that remains the same for all of
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November Newsletter:  Give Thanks 

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when we take a minute and think about what we are really grateful for:  family, friends, and most importantly our pooches.  With our busy schedule we forget how much they contribute to our lives just by their presence, loyalty, and love.  In light of Thanksgiving and on the
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