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Ways Your Pooch Loves You

As pooch owners, we love our dogs. We make sure they have their basic needs met, we think about them while off at work, we buy them special treats and toys, and give them attention and lots of smooches.

We wonder though….Do they LOVE us back?

Pooches certainly seem to show love to their hoomans. They bounce and wag their tail when we come back after a long day or even a short absence. They cuddle with us while we watch television or when we’re off to bed. They give us smooches back. They’re there when we need them. Whether it’s to protect us when we’re threatened or comfort us when we’re feeling down.


How can we be sure they feel love?

Oxytocin is a chemical seen in humans and often called the “love” chemical. It is the basis of bonding for humans. It is released when we kiss or hug partners, and is also released between a mother and her infant (Psychology Today.)

Dogs have this same chemical and it’s specifically released when they smell their owner or gaze into their owner’s eyes (RT News, Science.Mic.) Studies have found that a dog’s emotional maturity is comparable to a human between two to two and a half years old (Psychology Today.) Because of this, the oxytocin released is comparable to that of a mother and her infant.

The bond between a dog and human is a special kind.

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