Welcome Home Puppy Kit Review

Getting a new puppy can be stressful! Let Pooch Perks make it easier with their Welcome Home Puppy Kit!


KONG‘s Puppy Teething Stick

Perfect for your puppy to chew on instead of your new shoes! Train your puppy to stop chewing on found objects by distracting him with this durable toy greats for puppies who are teething. Its ridges clean teeth and soothe sore gums. It also has a hole that is great for small treats or peanut butter. This can keep even the most adventurous puppies entertained.




Zuke’s Mini Naturals Fresh Peanut Butter Formula


These small treats are great to start training your puppy to do basic commands. Teaching your dog to sit/stay/etc can be great for their mind. Just like you make sure you walk them everyday, training them is a mental exercise that keeps them from getting depressed, bored, or anxious. It’s also a great way to spend quality time and bond with your new pack member. These treats are Made in USA, healthy, and all natural.




ValuePad Puppy Pads

These pads will come in handy while you are training your new puppy. They are made out of quality material that won’t get snagged by your pup’s nails. It protects your floor and keeps pee from spreading all over your entire kitchen floor. For training purposes, you can place it in a designated area and place your puppy there a few times. After you see him pee anywhere else, immediately place him on the pad so that he can associate peeing with this pad. After some time, he will only pee on the pad. Then you can begin to take the pad outside so as their bladder matures and they don’t have to use the bathroom as often, they can begin to pee outside a few times a day.  What’s great is this kit comes with 3 pads!

ABSOLUTELY CLEAN‘s Pet Stain & Odor Remover


For when your puppy’s mess doesn’t end up on the puppy pad, use this spray to get the stains out! Instead of using harsh cleaners, this natural enzyme and plant based soap mixture cleans out stains in less than 60 seconds and is environmentally friendly. The nontoxic formula makes it easy for all family members to use and to have around kids or pets. It makes sure to break down the trace of your puppy’s messes so that they can’t smell it later and do their business in the same spot! Great for puppy accidents as they get the hang of potty training.



Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

A great way to remember to bring your doggy pick up bags is to keep them attached to your pup’s leash! With this set of a bag dispenser and roll, you’ll only ever have to buy replacement bags. The size is universal that works with most popular rolls of pet waste bags.


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Pooch Perks Training Tip Manual

Everything from potty training, nutritional needs, and command training! Make sure your pup grows up to be a “good dog” with these essentials.



Pooch Perks has got you covered!

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